This is science and it’s beautiful

I’m breaking a little protocol today and talking about my research over the past two years. I started this venture around the beginning of January of 2015, sounds benign enough but actually I had a very close friend, who had recently lost a relative to which they thought was under suspicious circumstances.

A situation that for all intents and purposes, might rise to a dime store mystery novel. (no joke!) if I was inclined with the skill to write such things, I probably really would, anyway, without getting into the personal particulars of it all, there was a “white powdery” substance in a bottle that should not have been in there…yeah, getting it now? This friend asked me if there was anyway to find out what it was and I said yeah you can take it and get it analyzed, it’ll cost some money but it can be done.

For whatever reason, that route was unacceptable and I wasn’t going to push it so, I said give some time and I’ll see what I can do. Having an engineering and chemistry background helps in matters of the scientific persuasion so, I figured I could maybe buy a spectrometer and do the job myself, ha ha ha, yeah right! I’m retired, not rich, turns out though, I came across a website called PublicLab where you can learn how to investigate environmental concerns and use inexpensive DIY spectrometer’s and techniques. So that’s where I bought my first spectrometer kit. Only problem was that, I didn’t realize the scope and magnitude that was about to unfold before me.

The adventure was on though and I was hook-line and sinkered in! Even with all my research, upgrades and intense experimentation, I could only at best (and only with 60 percent probability,) determine what the original “white powdery” substance was, which for privacy’s sake I will not disclose here, my friend though, was so very grateful that I did try, and I was glad I did also. What a grand learning experience that was and still is, and from that is where the inspiration for the DAV5 V3.01 Raman spectrometer has come from.

Even as I’m writing this, I think of the times of frustration and disappointment, mainly at myself, wanting to just give it up, “man why a I doing all this?” 12 – 15 hour days, and for what? I keep forgetting procedures, the order of things, ect., why? well having a stroke several years earlier didn’t do me any favors. So I developed a system of log books and these logs corresponded to files saved on my computer as a back up. I had to literally annotate just about every little thing I was doing, I have a short term memory problem, but as long as I have a log of my previous actions I can recall it pretty well.

I have now over 1000 pages of notes and research, each page has it’s own tab with a short description of that page, and it’s worked out very well. So this is the adversity I must on a daily basis overcome, and I do it because I believe what I’m doing is significant on many levels, one being, the story I started at the beginning. I started to come to the realization just how expensive and far out of reach this technology really is, not just to your average citizen scientist or serious hobbyist, but to people I was coming in contact with everyday over on

I was interacting with brilliant individuals from Columbia, Slovakia, Chezania, and many others, all building incredible devices, with specific purposes in mind. Most of them out of sheer necessity, hey, when you are unable to afford a top of the line up to date piece of technology, your only choice is…to make it!

This is the “hook” the inner beauty of all this, yeah I mix some philosophical connotation to all this but its the truth, at least as I am starting to understand it. This is why my project is not only important to me, but to many other’s as well, check this these stats out, they are the average cost of the “lower priced” Raman spectrometer’s that are available out there:

Raman laser compare chart 2

Ok lets digest this a little, these are the “top” 5 lower priced Raman specrometers (and if you can just bear with me, the next segment is why Raman spectroscopy is so vital in our every day lives,) you see the price ranges no? Imagine my friend in Colombia wanting to do vital research in molecular biology or genetics, with an average monthly salary of $692 (47% of the worldwide average) ranked 54 out of 72 countries on the global pay scale, one position higher than Ukraine ($686) and one position lower than Bulgaria ($750).Apr 13, 2012.

Well I think you can start to get the idea here, now imagine my project and its benefits:

Raman project BOM july 17

DAV5 V3.01 Raman Spectrometer, total cost $657.35

Big difference huh? This is the core principle, the vision I have for this project, and the best part is that it is becoming a reality, a testament I would say to at least me not giving up on it. This truly is my mission statement, I felt like I had to have one in order to stay focused and on point, it helped. Now I’m going to get into the details the why and how’s of all this and how this really impacts our lives without anyone really ever thinking about it.

What Raman spectroscopy is, the measurement of the wavelength and intensity of inelastically (lacking flexability,) of scattered light in molecules. Raman scattered light occurs at wavelengths that are shifted from the incident light by energies of molecular vibrations.

Important term #2 to remember, “molecular vibrations,” these vibrations have a specific and non-changing frequency, their strengths are characterized in terms of “degrees,” example;

M, moderately strong
M-S, moderate to strong
M-VS, moderate to very strong
S, strong
VS, very strong
VW, very weak
W, weak
W-M, weak to moderately strong
W-VS, weak to very strong
The math behind these forces are;

R = < Xᵢ | a | Xⱼ >
where Xᵢ and Xⱼ are the initial and final states, respectively, and a is the polarizability of the molecule:

a = aₒ + (r-rₑ)(da/dr) + … higher terms
where r is the distance between atoms and aₒ is the polarizability at the equilibrium bond length, rₑ. Polarizability can be defined as the ease of which an electron cloud can be distorted by an external electric field. Since aₒ is a constant and < Xᵢ | a | Xⱼ > = 0, R simplifies to;

R = < Xᵢ | (r-rₑ)(da/dr) | Xⱼ >
The result is that there must be a change in polarizability during the vibration for that vibration to inelastically scatter radiation.

The poloarizability depends on how tightly the electrons are bound to the nuclei. In the symmetric stretch the strength of electron binding is different between the minimum and maximum internuclear distances. Therefore the polarizability changes during the vibration and this vibrational mode scatters Raman light (the vibration is Raman active).

In asymmetric stretch the electrons are more easily polarized in the bond that expands but are less easily polarized in the bond that compresses. There is no over all change in polarizability and the asymmetric stretch is Raman inactive.

Raman line intensities are proportional to:

v∙ σ(v) ∙ |∙ exp(-Eᵢ|kT)∙C
Where v is the frequency of the incident radiation. σ(v) is the Raman cross section, typically;

10⁻²⁹ cm²
I is the radiation intensity, exp(-Eᵢ|kT) is the Boltzman factor for state i, and C is the analyte concentration.

Whew, now that was cryptic wasn’t it! That is the techy “basic” principle of Raman spectroscopy, how can such a seemingly obscure discipline be so important in our everyday lives…

It can be used to rapidly characterize the chemical composition and structure of a sample, whether solid, liquid, gas, gel, slurry or powder.
Compound distribution in tablets
Blend uniformity
High throughput screening
API (air pollution index) concentration
Powder content and purity
Raw material verification
Polymorphic forms
Contaminant identification
Combinatorial chemistry
In vivo analysis and skin depth profiling
You see the potential? It’s like a ripple effect, propagating it’s way through all other disciplines of science. Another example, which in my opinion is the best, is what Raman is all about; The “finger print,” just like in a “CSI” weekly episode.

Fingerprint-720×480-article-image This should look familiar, a human fingerprint begin scanned apparently on a finger print reader.

sn-fingerprints_1 forensics 4

Now this is the same print but analyzed under different protocols, and scientific techniques, the same premise applies to Raman, everything no mater if it is liquid, gas or a solid has a unique inner molecular signature that can be characterized and quantified.

“Cancers are often impossible to visually distinguish from normal tissue. This is critical for brain cancer where residual invasive cancer cells frequently remain after surgery, leading to disease recurrence and a negative impact on overall survival. No preoperative or intraoperative technology exists to identify all cancer cells that have invaded normal brain. To address this problem, we developed a handheld contact Raman spectroscopy probe technique for live, local detection of cancer cells in the human brain. Using this probe intraoperatively, we were able to accurately differentiate normal brain from dense cancer and normal brain invaded by cancer cells, with a sensitivity of 93% and a specificity of 91%. This Raman-based probe enabled detection of the previously undetectable diffusely invasive brain cancer cells at cellular resolution in patients with grade 2 to 4 gliomas. This intraoperative technology may therefore be able to classify cell populations in real time, making it an ideal guide for surgical resection and decision-making.”

This came from an article @ Science Translational Medicine 1 Feb 2015.

The advancements just keep on coming, see where this is all leading? The final 2 examples are going to tie up my points very nicely and then we will discuss the conclusions arrived at by all this:

Fig4.1.8 gutenberg bible pic2

This is a page from the Gutenberg Bible (original one at that!) This was accomplished using a variation of ATR (Attenuated total reflection,) is a sampling technique used in conjunction with infrared spectroscopy which enables samples to be examined directly in the solid or liquid state without further preparation.

Characterization of Mummified Tissues

In this work, the authors examined whether NIR-FT-Raman spectroscopy could be employed to determine to what extent human remains have been preserved, which have been subjected to artificial mummification. In addition, the purpose was to shed light on the methods and complex mummification techniques used by ancient Egyptians. Raman microscopic studies of human skin from the XIIth dynasty mummy, Nekht-Ankh, ca. 2100 BC, from the ‘Tomb of the Two Brothers’ (Khnum-Nakht and Nekht-Ankh) from Rifeh in Middle Egypt (Fig. 4.1.9), excavated from a hot desert environment, was carried out. The mummies were embalmed by natron, which absorbs water and is also mildly antiseptic, in the way used by ancient Egyptians.


Kind of errie huh? Just look at the data below:

Fig4.1.10 mummified tissue 3

The amide I and III protein Raman bands were used to monitor the presence of proteins and to give an idea about the secondary protein structure. The lipids and proteins seemed well preserved, although different degrees of protein deterioration were observed. In some spots, protein degradation was extensive. Some sites showed very well preserved protein secondary structures with both helical and sheet contents, associated protein modes at 1660, 1450, and 1240 cm-1 (Fig. 4.1.10) indicating that the artificial mummification process had a positive effect although no embalming chemicals were left in those spots. Of significant interest is that the presence of residual chemicals in the skin tissues (Na2SO4 from the natron desiccant used in the mummification process), is correlated with the presence of the most degraded organic tissue and hence the most poorly preserved skin structure (Figs. 4.1.11, 4.1.10 and 4.1.11 with permission of J. Raman Spectrosc. 34 (2003) 375).

So to bring us back around home, yes these techniques are very precise and require an extensive working knowledge, I learned it in two years, and I had never done this before, just having the aptitude and desire helped me achieve my results so far.

The prevailing goal of this project is in removing the mysteries surrounding this type of science and sciences akin to it, providing an easier and more accessible gateway for developing counties to continue along a path of greater technological progress. This can certainly be achieved through free educational pathways like my website and this projects ideals, yeah sounds lofty I know, but I’m actually doing it, I’m making the connections, the interpersonal ones that matter, like the examples I talked about in the beginning of this article.

It’s now just a matter of putting the pieces of this project together, testing and calibrating and then releasing all of my data, its beautiful to me, and I do it all for free. I took it upon myself to just do it, I was going to do one thing in my life that made a difference, big or small, but it was going to make that difference.

Comprehensive and Strategic Inbound Marketing Services

All types of businesses including small and startup can benefit with inbound strategy services

Inbound Marketing
Inbound Marketing is a data-driven approach to digital marketing that attracts the individuals and converts them into customers or promoters of your business. It’s a methodology that utilizes pull marketing methods, develop advertising and several promotional strategies to attract more prospects.

Inbound marketing services are increasing its popularity in the field of marketing and advertising for the last several years. It has been the most effective marketing method for doing business online since 2006 and has been growing in effectiveness.

SEO, PPC, content marketing, blogging services, social media, events and more are some of the forms of inbound marketing that help create brand awareness and enhance business growth.
Why Inbound Marketing Agency Need to Perform Marketing
Every business whether its small or startup needs to do online marketing to build a strong online presence and also reach hundreds of potential customers online. But if you are looking for a long-term, integrated marketing system to be built for your business that helps your business get found, get leads and also drive-in sales, then an inbound marketing service is a right choice for your needs.
Traditional outbound marketing campaigns like cold emails, cold calls, direct mail, and interruptive ads are not as effective as they were earlier. Nowadays, consumers have access to tons of information from the marketers online. So, a well-planned inbound marketing campaign will help you stand out from the competition and gain significant recognition in the market.

Inbound marketing is essential for startups and smaller businesses today. 67% of B2B companies rated Inbound Marketing Services as the top priority component of their overall marketing strategy. Companies that can afford a inbound marketing agency see a 45% increase in the volume of sales accepted leads.

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Inbound marketing offers the opportunity to connect with and help your leads succeed with your product. You should start taking advantage today before your potential customers engage with other sales representatives.
Inbound Marketing Channels for Best Marketing Campaign

There are some inbound marketing channels (paid, earned and owned), and each focuses on not only attracting the customers but also building a relationship with them. If you are looking to improve your inbound marketing results for your business, then try these avenues:

Paid channels are used for displaying the content using social media channels (Facebook ads, Twitter ads, Linkedin, Pinterest, etc.), online display ads and banners.

Earned media entirely rely on your audience on how they publicize (mention, share, reposts, reviews, etc.) your content on other sites. SEO and brand content drives earned media and traffic to your website.

Owned media channels are those channels that you have complete control over the content and call to action on your website, blog, social media channels, mobile site, and emails.
How to Setup an Inbound Marketing Strategy
Inbound marketing encompasses all the best practices including website optimization, SEO, email marketing, social media marketing, content marketing, leads generation and more. A deep understanding of inbound marketing practices is essential to the growth and success of your business.

Here are some strategies you can employ to optimize your inbound marketing campaign:
Define your audience
This is the first step of a plan to identify your audience, their thoughts, needs, interests, behaviors, and problems by creating customer personas.

Creating blog posts, webinars, crafting email campaigns, discussions and conducting keyword research help you get customer insights and ideas.

Create your content strategy
Marketers should focus on publishing quality content on different platforms that educate and engages their audiences. The right type of content that helps in generating leads will be shared and promoted.

Creating long-form contents (infographics, video, gifs) using right keywords, call to action button and publishing on third-party platforms can be accessed on multiple devices.
Choose your media platform
Publishing the contents in several media platforms is the best strategy for inbound marketing success. You can use blogging sites or guest blogging, social media sites (Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, and Pinterest), mobile and interactive email marketing to spread your content.

Your brand should work well to create a comprehensive experience for the people on several media platforms and devices they are using.
Define lead nurturing plan
The lead nurturing process helps to build a relationship with your customers at every stage of the purchase funnel. Track and monitor your client behavior while clicking, sharing, tweeting, downloading, and registering your brand content or product.

Content marketing and email marketing (targeted email campaigns) are the best inbound marketing tactics for leads conversion. There is better scope for getting more leads if you create valuable offers like free eBooks download, white papers, landing pages, and webinars.

Optimize your Inbound Marketing efforts
Evaluate the success of your inbound marketing efforts using several available metrics. You can easily check your campaign’s performance, published articles or blogs, SEO ranking of your website, the number of inbound links, etc.
Google analytics helps to track your goals and conversion.Try buzzsumo for content marketing success or use Moz’s open site explorer to measure SEO success on your website and build an online presence.

5 Reasons you should back up your website

Backing up your website is like insuring your car. It protects your assets and gives you peace of mind.
If you spend hours and hours pouring your time and energy into a website, it is a good practice to ensure that your hard work has been backed up on to another device. Simple things like backing up can be easily overlooked, regardless of how organised and diligent you may be.

Safety beyond just your Hosting Services

Although your hosting provider may be performing backups, the odds of them having the most recent version of your website is slim to none. The necessity to have an additional safety net is real, especially if you are operating an e-commerce store. You’re going to need your website up and running quickly if anything happens.

Evolution makes the original version unusable

Your original version of the website, especially if you have built it yourself, will become dated. If you are constantly updating your data, information and writing style the original form of the website will become unrecognisable. This is a natural and a good progression. Your website is evolving and growing at a rate that you cannot personally track so you cannot expect your original build to stand up to the current live site.

In the event that you are performing software updates regularly it is important that you have the most recent software in your back-ups. Your backups should be a regular occurrence to ensure that it reflects the live site that customers are currently seeing.

Recovery from a Hacks needs to happen ASAP

Hacking may be something you only hear about in spy movies and cyber-crime novels but the truth is, it happens more than you can even imagine. Often there is no reason or rhyme to hacking and so you shouldn’t assume that you are immune to it. Additionally, most companies that are hacked end up going bankrupt within a few years of the first breach.

In the event that you have been hacked, you will most certainly want to return your website to the latest possible version. Your live website will be corrupt and the best bet is to delete every part of the software and completely replace it with your latest backup.

Sleep with ease

Peace of mind is an important thing when you’re being an efficient, high performing professional. Placing back up plans, recovery strategies and risk management action plans allows you to go to sleep and get your rest so you may work more efficiently.

Reduce upgrade complications

The last and most important aspect that an up to date back-up can ensure is that any upgrade mishaps or faults can be undone. Your software needs to age with the times. This includes patches, upgrades and bug fixes on a regular basis. Sometimes, there are glitches that occur. Whether they are incompatibility issues, bugs in software or any of a number of possible mishaps, your best course of action is to revert to the latest version of your website.

Ideas for Self-Created Independent Escorts Web Design

Let us consider that you have created your escort website, added some relevant content, uploaded a few cool pictures, and now you are just sitting back and waiting for some business. You are still waiting and nothing is happening. What are you doing wrong? Unfortunately, traffic is not going to come to your website. But here are the few authentic ideas for Agency & Independent Escort Web Design that will undoubtedly help in getting organic traffic to your website.

Card Based Interfaces

These designs were made popular by sites like Pinterest and hard-pressed further by Material design, card based designs can make it relatively easy to group together a lot of unique and eye-catching content, are easily scannable as well as readable for the user, and this type of coding helps in generating soothing responsive web design.

Video Headers and Backgrounds

They say a picture is worth a thousand words but they never say the video is worth a million pictures. In this case, videos surely are the game changer they can recite the complete story along with the conclusion in the least possible time. Video backgrounds and headers have been a great way to set a tone, it gives a sense of environment, and get your users interacting with your content. Usually, people with slower internet connection tend to face minor issues as the video playback would just test their patience.

Large Screen Design

A lot of focus in done on responsive web design that is on small screens, but it’s important to keep in mind about big screens too while its about Escort Website Design. According to the latest report generated by NASA, over 32% of internet users who are at their screens with resolutions of 1920 pixels or higher usually take advantage of the large screen which shows them a high-quality picture.

Bold Colour Palettes

The popularity of colour and Material Design not only emphasis on size, shape and colour but it is leading to bolder palettes and sharper contrasts which eventually helps in enhancing the overall look of the website. Colour is also being used as a design element, helping group together same type of options and also reminding specific emotions to users.

Bold Typography

In this advanced world, web fonts have made it possible for skilled designers to have extra choice and options in their typography.As they are inspired by print and movements like Swiss modernism which allows the designers to use the text in more and more unique ways. The text is also the key design element that translates well on mobile and uses minimal bandwidth which makes it the essential component for designing.

Polish Up Your Site

Who does not want to have a pretty, polished, well-written website! These are the most important factors in getting authentic traffic to your specific website. Not only it show fans that you’re a professional, it also helps you in improving your SEO techniques, which will ultimately help you in getting higher Google page ranking. Google always likes fresh, new content that is written skillfully and also includes correct keywords.


It’s pretty clear, but unless you already have an unshakable business with a list of frequent admirers, advertising is definitely the must to get traffic to your website. But if you are new to this business and industry, you might have no idea where to start from, what exactly should your first step be. A Marketing tab along the edge of the webpage is a good place to list famous directories, review sites, and classifieds.

Get Links

Although it’s not as strong as a factor as it used to be, having organic links to your website from other various sites is a decent way to improve your SEO and help your page get higher ranking in Google.


Networking with others in the business is the best way in building traffic and trust among the clients. This not only helps in getting new interested and authentic clients from other websites or agency but also helps in creating a bond among the competitor.

Why Flash Might Need to Be a Thing of the Past on Your Website

Anyone that owns or operates a website will know that the speed of change of technology can be breath-taking at times. You just get used to a new piece of software that is the very best at what it does and suddenly, it has been replaced and is outdated. Some software changes with the times but others don’t and that’s when they become a thing of the past. An example of this is Flash.
Go back a short time and Flash was the best possible way to add video or multimedia content to your website. But the software hasn’t evolved and has lost its position on top of the pile. This means newer technologies have come along and offered a better product that can better handle the modern demands.

So why should you replace your Flash website?

Industry changes forcing the issue
When Steven Jobs released a blog post about why Apple products were no longer supporting Flash, the writing was on the wall. This was back in 2010 and the head of the tech giant had concluded that Flash fell short of the modern requirements around touch interface smartphones as well as standards on the web.
Back then, the mobile internet was still pretty new and ensuring that your website worked on these devices was a nice extra that some website owners were beginning to include. Fast forward to modern times and most people own a smartphone and use it to access the internet.
In fact, in 2016 the number of searches from smartphones overtook those from desktop or laptops for the first time, showing the growth of the mobile internet. And by not having the right software on your website to work these devices, you are effectively cutting off half of the population from accessing your site.
This means website owners need to think about how their site works from mobile devices, often known as ‘mobile friendly’. Part of this is assessing any software that it uses that doesn’t work well on mobile devices – and Flash is a prime example.
Sadly, Flash has become somewhat bug filled and slow to patch in recent times and this means it doesn’t cope with many of the jobs required by modern websites and also doesn’t optimise well for mobile devices. There are also some concerns about the security of the software.

Issues with Flash
As software such as HTML5 has been introduced and is now the standard for websites, the issues with Flash have been further highlighted. In fact, there are an increasing number of incompatibility issues with other software that means websites built using Flash find they cannot use the latest in other software. Added to the problem of users not upgrading their software or updating it regularly and the use of Flash can have a dramatic and negative impact on your site.
Another issue is that even if you update the software, there’s no guarantee that your audience has and this means that people would be bounced away from the site, thinking it doesn’t work correctly. Figures from Google show that over 60% of people simply don’t return to a website when it doesn’t work correctly and 40% of them go straight to the next on the list – usually your competitor.
Part of the evolution of the mobile internet is an intolerance for things that don’t work and that don’t look right on small screens. People don’t want to be sitting around waiting for graphics to load or finding they can’t access content due to compatibility issues.

Phasing out
These issues highlight why many industry giants have already said they are abandoning the use of Flash. Both Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox web browsers have said that Flash no longer fulfils what they need for their customers and are not using it. Firefox, for example, believes that moving away from Flash will provide faster load times, better responsiveness and better security for their customers.
Google Chrome have permitted the use of Flash but only for the top 10 domains on any search that require the use of the plugin. This means unless you are on that top page, if you have Flash it won’t work when people follow through to your website.
Apple followed up with their move to stop supporting Flash on their mobile devices with a block on it through their Safari web browser. And Amazon reported in September 2015 that they were no longer used it in ads on their website.

Moving away from Flash
For people who invested time and money to build a website around Flash, the situation is a sad one but doesn’t mean that your website should be abandoned. As the use and support for Flash declined it is important to remove it from your site and ensure that your customers get the best possible experience, regardless of what device they visit from.
Clinging onto Flash not only harms your traffic but can also have a negative impact on your brand’s reputation. Sticking with old software can make your brand seem out of touch and old fashioned, not something that most companies want associating with them.
While it might take some money and time to clear Flash from your website and replace it with modern alternatives, the benefits are clear. And while the choice is yours, it is worth considering that if Google, Amazon and Apple think Flash is doomed, then it might be worth following along.

Does URL shortening Help to Maximize Business SEO Ranking?

There are a number of URL shortening services with generic domains such as,, Or branded domain services such as Tinycc. Some tools are offered by big web players like Google with their shortener and some microblogging sites like Twitter with twurl/Tweetburner.

Their operation is fairly straightforward: each inserted URL is associated with a unique key, which is usually the same alphanumeric code that appears in the final part of the compressed URL. The latter then performs a redirect to the original address.

The convenience and benefits of a URL shortener can fit nicely in many digital marketing campaigns. The objective of this article is not to list all the benefits of shortening URLs, but to try to understand if there are SEO benefits from their use.

Urls shortener: What advantage for SEO?

A URL shortening service can have advantages from a marketing perspective, but offer no real advantage in terms of pure SEO optimization.

● The purpose of using short URLs not optimized for SEO benefits as the short links do not necessarily pass any credit to the landing page.

● There is a question of reliability of the services that could be disruptive to community websites and social networks if the shortening services were to fail. All dead links are preventing information sharing on networks.

● From the user experience point of view, these services can be very convenient since it is always easier to find/share a short link. This is especially true since some microblogging services like Twitter limit the number of characters in a message to 140.

● From an SEO point of view, there is no direct benefit since the links usually redirect using 301, 302 or JavaScript method to their destination pages.

Not all URL shorteners work the same way for SEO

When choosing a URL shortener, you’ll want to use one that employs a 301 redirect from the short URL to the destination URL. This will ensure maximum PageRank passing for your site. Also, you should choose a service that offers reports, metrics, and click statistics, as in the case of Tinycc.

Tinycc branded service gives users the option of bringing their own short domain. A business can discover how many clicks a specific link gets, geographic location of visitors, where the click was referred from and other metrics. The on board stats do not need to replace Google Analytics as your Google Analytics ID can easily be integrated with your Tinycc account to allow all short link pageview events to be seen in your Google Analytics account.

● Short links provides the most detailed data about the website traffic’s geographical location. It helps to determine your brand presence and accordingly you can optimize the SEO.

● Relevant outbound links help SEO regardless of nofollow or follow status. Shortening the URL can also minimize the risk of value transfer.

● If you require affiliate links but don’t want a messy looking URL. A shortening service is a good solution.

Tinycc custom domain URLs offer an added aspect – a chance to stand out and be memorable. Understand your audience across different devices and media and then plan your SEO.

Four best ways to compress your PDF files for free

No one likes large-size files for transferring, downloading or storage. PDF files are no exception. Sometimes, scanned PDF files or PDF files with lots of images are too large to send them by mail or take too much time to download on the Internet. In order to solve these troubles, some powerful software or tools are needed to reduce the size of large PDF files without quality loss.

1.Acrobat is the first choice if batch process is not needed.

Adobe Acrobat is the most important software which is widely used around the world. You can read, edit and manufacture your PDF files. Luckily, you can also compress and save your files size by its Optimize PDF function. Useful functions for you can be found in their setting dialog and what you want to control your files, it is up to you.

Open Acrobat and choose your document. Go to File -> Save As Other and you will find Reduced Size PDF followed. Choose Acrobat Version Compatibility, you will get the smaller file compared with the original one.

After Testing, up to 90% size will be saved and the file could be shared freely. Acrobat is useful if batch process is not the necessary requirement, as you have to compress and reduce your file size one by one.

2.Try PDF Compressor V3 if you focus on PDF file compression.

If you have to compress multiple PDF files and you need one-time completion to save your time instead of one by one. You need a straightforward compression tool with batch process. PDF Compressor V3 from PDFConverters is the one you can rely on. As a useful and effective application, you can customize your compression level by yourself to reduce the size of your PDF documents.

Launch this application and you can find it is designed in a user-friendly way. Drag and drop your files or folders, all PDF files will be listed with information like name, path, size, and status. After clicking “Advanced Settings”, you can adjust the quality level of the embedded images. Furthermore, all images could be removed if it is necessary. Moreover, in order to reduce the file size further, it is allowed to remove annotations, bookmarks and attachment from the imported items. Not only for reducing size, but also for some safety consideration.

As a professional PDF compression tool, PDF Compressor V3 could be a choice for you when you are looking for such kind products. Write a review on your blog, twitter or facebook and email to, you can get a free license from the developer.

3.Some online tool will help you compress either.

If there is no need for you to take safety in consideration, you can try some web application to compress your PDF files online. Like is one of the choices. Visit its website, a clear-cut and minimalistic UI shows and you will get to know how to use it even you have no any experience.

Drag and drop your PDF files, you get three options about the compression level. They are Extreme Compression, Recommended Compression and Less Compression, any of them will lead you to different compressed PDF files with different quality and size.

You can try it for free within only two times.

4.Use optimized images when you are editing your documents.

You have large PDF files mostly because of the large images. Before converting your office documents to PDF files, try to optimize your images first. Use JPEG instead of PNG. Compress your images first if you want to get PDF files with smaller size. Compress images is much easy and better than compress your PDF files.

You have several choices when compressing images, like Photoshop, Online tools. Then, all you need to do is editing the documents with optimized images inserted then convert it to PDF using “Save As” in Office software.

Details make a difference. Try to optimize or compress your large PDF files before sharing it to your colleagues or friends. It is time for you to show your professional capability.

Ensure bug-free software with web based project management

Completing a project within stipulated time is one of the most daunting tasks faced by professionals these days. Be it debugging, incorrect implementation of a development model or miscommunication among developers, projects often miss the deadline. Therefore, to strive towards bug free software and manage projects more efficiently, one requires knocking the doors of web based project management.

Project management online – technicalities

An assignment incorporates a checklist, reports and development sections. Individuals receive specific sections which they need to abide by. However, often due to inadequate availability of documents, projects take a leap of faith. To prevent such mishaps, teams opt for online project management.

It is a collection of processes, programs and information used to distribute different sections of an assignment over the Internet. Any project supervision procedure encompasses multiple technicalities such as creating task lists, controlling documents, calculating a critical path and providing audit trails. Each of these processes can be managed and even implemented through such online software.

Need of the hour:

The present decade runs through softwares. From your basic smartphone recharges to space shuttle launches, satellites dwell in all. So, irrespective of the job size, web based project management is the necessity of the day. The following section highlights a few areas where such a tool shall thrive.

1. Communiqué:

Well sorted data and facts are essential for the proper development of software. A project development normally takes place in phases. In the absence of communication between the developing teams, your project may fall victim to fatal errors. This is where online project software comes in handy. It regulates data from various sources and ensures proper rerouting of information from one section to another.

2. Development:

Since project development takes place in teams subdivided into phases, it is critical to ensure bug-free execution of all methods and functions; before calling them to the main body of the program. Any error in the methods will account for total failure of the program.

A project management online tool creates a conglomerate of all methods; runs a demo trial and checks for proper running of the software. Development is the most vital part of an assignment and such software escalates its correctness.

3. Mini deadlines:

No project ever terminates within a single deadline. Project management online tools deal with this crunch situation by providing mini deadlines to each development team. As a result, work gets segregated and improves time management skills of every individual.

Who shall benefit?

Small and flexible business associations where work distribution is among few people greatly benefit from such workflow development. Moreover, globalization has made software collaboration even more essential. This is due to industries most of which do not have stable addresses. Some of them even operate form homes.